Enabling Conservation Through Affordable Metering


Flowmeter Models 101, 102, and 104 BUY NOW

FlowPro vortex flowmeters empower the average water consumer to have an affordable and convenient means to manage and monitor water consumption in real-time.

The FlowPro flowmeter is a cost-effective defense against shocking water over-use charges caused by unknown sources of leakage, plumbing malfunction, or simply lack of attention.

FlowPro’s Models 101, 102 and 104 are 1” vortex flowmeters that provide highly accurate, real time flow monitoring with totalization and optional pressure measurement. They provide an always on digital display with flowrate in gallons/minute, totalization in gallons, leak detect, low battery, over range, and pressure in PSI (Model 102 only). Models 101 and 102 run on 2 AA batteries for up to 2 years.

Size: 1″
Flow Range (Indicated): 0.5 to 25 GPM (0.1 GPM resolution)
• RANGE 1.0 to 20.0 GPM: +/-2% of reading
• RANGE 20.1 to 25.0 GPM: Usable Over-range; Accuracy Not Specified
• RANGE 0.5 to 0.9 GPM: Leak Detect Range

MODEL 102: Adds a pressure sensor

MODEL 104: Adds 2 wire pulse/power interface

Flowmeter 214 and 314 COMING IN 2019!

Flowpro’s Model 214 and 314 2” and 3” inline vortex meters, respectively.

They use the same design and technology from our 1” meters that have revolutionized residential irrigation.

These are our lowest cost 2-wire pulse versions that are even more robust and provide the same 2% accuracy.

Data Sheet for Flowpro Model 214 & 314

FlowPro Eye-Q Series Insertion Meters COMING IN 2019!

Eye-Q series insertion meters are for pipe sizes from 4” to 12”

Eye-Q series insertion meters take accurate metering to places where it has never before been affordable to do so. This makes water management and accountability possible.

These highly accurate (~2%), extremely low cost meters are easy to install in your irrigation systems.

Data Sheet for Eye-Q Series Insertion Meters

Customized Options BUY NOW

Volume partners have the option to customize the flowmeter to your specific needs and market.

Options such as display head with solar and/or wireless options are available. You can also specify your own wireless solutions or interface circuitry to go inside the display head.

Private label branding is also available on request.

Pro Meter Kit BUY NOW

FlowPro’s PMK-001 Pro Meter Kit consists of a FlowPro Model 102 battery-powered flowmeter, which displays pressure in PSI and flow rate in gallons/minute. It also contains all of the necessary parts to connect the meter at the site and adjust the flow.

This kit allows you to determine the pressure at any given flow rate. Knowing these two parameters allows an efficient system to be designed for optimal zone layout and minimal waste.

Only with this tool can correct zone spacing, sprinkler head types, and GPM flow ratings be chosen for an application.

• Combination Flow Meter/Pressure Sensor
• Rigid Flow extender- High Flow
• Flex connection
• Extra Battery
• Rugged Carry Case
• Sprinkler Install Records



Download User Manual for Pro Meter Kit


Flowpro designs and manufactures vortex water flowmeters.

The breakthrough in cost/performance of our sensor design has taken the robustness, accuracy, and repeatability of vortex sensing to the irrigation market.

Our mission is to eliminate the waste in this market by detecting leaks and enabling conservation through affordable metering.

How Vortex Technology Works

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