The FlowPro Model 100 Vortex Flowmeter
A high-performance, affordable solution.

Water conservation begins with accountability—and accountability requires metering.

The FlowPro model 100 vortex flowmeter empowers the average water consumer to have an affordable and convenient means to manage and monitor water consumption as it is happening; real-time, providing both the rate and total amount of water being used.

The model 100 flowmeter is a cost-effective defense against shocking water over-use charges caused by unknown sources of leakage, plumbing malfunction, or simply lack of attention. Constructed of PVC plastic, the meter is compatible with a large number of standard PVC plumbing components and associated hardware.

The model 100 flowmeter offers the best cost-performance advantages available on the market today.

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FlowMeter Model 100 Product Details


Sprinkler Systems
Water Well Monitoring
Conservation Projects
Irrigation Systems

Features & Benefits

No maintenance
New meter replacement for valid warranty claims
No Mechanical Rotating Parts
Rugged, reliable, tolerates particulates
Low Pressure Drop
High flow rate at low-supply pressure saves energy less than one=half the pressure drop of most mechanical meters
Ultra-low Power Consumption
3-4 year expected battery life
No Orientation Sensitivity
Flexible, simplifies installation
ABS Material
Compatible with all standard ABS/PVC couplings
Maintains accuracy with heavy usage
Out-of-range indicator
Prevents false recording of flow
Battery Replacement Indicator
Takes guess-work out of battery replacement
Low Acquisition Cost
Deep quantity discount available
Low Operating Cost
Less than 30 cents/year, typical


1 inch
Flow Range
0.5 to 20 GPM
    Range: 1 to 20 GPM
+/- 2% of totalizer reading
    Range: 0.5 to 1 GPM
+/- 0.1 gallon/gallon
Pressure loss at 20 GPM
Less than 1.5 psid @ 20 GPM
Operating Temperature
32 to 150° F
Material of Construction:
    Vortex Generator
Stainless Steel
    Meter Body
ABS Material
LCD Display:
    Flowrate - GPM
3-digit, 0.1 GPM resolution
    Flow total - gallon
8-digit, 0.1 gallon resolution
        Alert icons
Low battery, out-of-flow range
        Auto reset
10 million gallons/battery change
Compatible with all standard PVC/ABS fittings
    Meter Orientation
Performance unaffected by orientation
    Special Install requirements
10 inches of straight run piping upstream, 5 inches straight run piping downstream.
Two AA batteries

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